What a difference a day makes! From mud to pow in New Zealand | Ski and Snowboard

What a difference a day makes! From mud to pow in New Zealand

This time last week we were looking at the mountains turning browner by the day with rain falling constantly and taking a little more snow away with it each time. Up at Cardrona we were counting our altitude as a blessing, watching Coronet Peak rapidly losing its snow cover.


















We had several closed days due to wind, rain, or both but what followed was just amazing. The temperatures started to fall and soon the rain was turning into heavy snow. Still the temperatures continued to drop and the heavy snow started to turn into light fluffy drops of heaven falling from the sky.

By Tuesday it was puking fluffies from the sky and what lay in store for Wednesday was the most epic day in New Zealand. Honestly, it was perfect! The skies cleared and the sun shone and what lay beneath our feet was inches of soft fluffy pow! Amazing!

Days like these remind us why we live in a place like this. Closed for business was the order of the day, I think there were a lot of “sick” people up there… “cough cough”. And what a sick day it turned out to be. It’s so great to be surrounded by people who seize the moment and live life for the fun times. Most schools here are happy for the kids to be taken out of school on a powder day, I fully support that attitude! Growing up in the UK, if it snowed and we would excitedly stare out of the window, the teacher would roll their eyes and say “focus children, we’ve all seen snow before.”

Clouds are forecast for the next week ahead, would it be too much to ask for them to drop a little more fresh pow on our mountains, or is that pushing our luck? Either way, the end of winter 2012 is shaping up to be delightfully white! iPod on loud, smile on my face, time to charge through some pow!

Lorna Gibson is a ski instructor at the Cardona Ski Field, Otago, New Zealand. My time in Wanaka is supported by Toots McSkibum hats and bandanas.

October 3rd 2012 at 3.54pm

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