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Resonance by Absinthe Films

“Hello London! I love snowboarding…and I love boobs!” This was the welcome from two time US Olympic silver medallist, Danny Kass, which pretty much sums up the cheeky but dedicated vibe throughout the film. He was joined by boarders Sylvain Bourbousson and Brandon Cocard on the UK leg of the tour to bring us the latest snowboarding movie from Absinthe Films.




















After picking up a bunch of freebies from sponsors like Huck, Nike and Anon, everyone kicked back, beers in hand, ready for the action to begin.

The film opened with boarders throwing themselves off an epic kicker and across a mountain road at least 30ft below before landing smoothly in a blast of powder on the other side. It left us thinking “What the hell next?!”

Brandon Cocard was the answer. His part began with a very bizarre song about “Nightman versus Dayman” and continued with huge spins off kickers, over trees and through powder. Other memorable moments came from Cale Zima as he was chased by dog, knocked over a bin and escaped in style by popping over a chain-link fence to safety. He then slid down the longest rail and landed perfectly which we later found out was 64 steps!



















The rest of the film was full of talented riders showing their skills in both powder and in an urban setting. Scotty Lago and Gigi Ruf featured with some expected huge jumps but by far the most impressive tricks were the one foot strapped in grabs and spins that a range of boarders pulled out the bag.

Rad riders Brandon and Danny

Overall, Resonance had a unique feel with a retro, feel-good soundtrack, some arty black and white shots, a load of hilarious out-takes and a distinct lack of the over-used snow-mo. The tricks look much more impressive when they’re nearer to real time and it meant we got to see so much more riding.

Cheeky chap Brandon started with these words and we think they suited the night pretty well…“Enjoy the flick…Let’s party!”


September 25th 2012 at 3.11pm

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